Days 81-82 – Charleston, SC

Leaving Rock Hill was a tearful farewell, but I knew that I must keep moving on despite the sadness of leaving. At least I was headed to another one of those places you hear so much about – for it’s uniqueness and beauty. Charleston did not disappoint on any level. It had a charm all its own and lived up to the hype – and the humidity.

I once again found a hostel that allowed dogs, and had free parking – a hard thing to find in a crowded city. My room was clean and the location was relatively close to the center of the city (thought it was definitely a long walk).

Before getting to my hostel, I stopped (by recommendation) in North Charleston at LoLA. But first I detoured into Barrel House Spirits (as it was about to rain) – thinking it was a distillery. It was just a liquor store, but I had a lovely conversation with the lady behind the counter – who even offered to help find me a place to stay in Key West. It turned into nothing, but lifted my spirits. LoLA had a great, covered outdoor patio that ponies up to the bar and allows dogs. It happened to be happy hour – so I partook in some fried pickles, oysters, and bubbles of course :).

As per the usual, when I got settled in my hostel, I looked up things to do on and found a Ghost Tour for that evening. It was rainy, but not horrible and Jasper looked forward to hunting down more ghosts. He even found a place where a ghost dog lives.

Our next day of adventuring took us to a local coffee shop and then through the rains to lunch and another tour (you got a discount on the Charleston tour if you bought the ghost one). On our walk to lunch, the rains came down… I was SO glad I brought an umbrella (a necessity) and Jasper’s Furry Fido to carry him and save him from getting soaked. I, on the other hand, was a drowned rat by the time I made it to 82 Queen. Luckily, their outdoor patio allowed dogs and was covered – Jasper and I were the only ones out there, but oh well! The food was good – higher end than I normally have indulged in, but worth it to warm up for a bit.

The historic walking tour was nice, but maybe a bit long. We really did go all over, and I was pooped after so much walking. The day dried out – and of course got more and more humid because of all the rain – which of course led to more mosquito bites for me! I was tired, but made it out to dinner at FUEL (not far from my hostel)

Stayed At: (1) Notso Hostel – $174 – 2 nights, $10 dog fee (per night)

Ate At: (1) LoLA – $7 1/2 dozen Oysters, $6 fried pickles, $3 champagne, $4 Purple Haze, dog friendly; (2) The Bearded Café – $3 The Bearded Lady Cappuccino, dog friendly; (3) 82 Queen – $17 shrimp & grits, $7 bourbon pecan pie (and an extra $2 for ice cream – which I was NOT warned would be an upcharge), $12 Gin Old Fashioned, dog friendly; (4) FUEL – $13 braised pork tacos, $9 guava mojito, $6 DF Westbrook, dog friendly

Activities: (1) Ashley on the Cooper – $20 Chilling Charleston and $8.50 Walking Tour, dog friendly

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