Days 61-63 – Norfolk, VA

I was excited to get to Norfolk to spend time with a grade school friend and her family. I’d last seen her at her wedding, and got to meet her precious 2-year-old, Arianna, and get to know her husband, James, better. Their daughter wasn’t sure about Jasper, but since she didn’t move around a ton, Jasper was super interested in her. Which of course madeer more scared 🙂

For dinner when I got there on Friday night, we went out to the Freemason Abbey Restaurant, where we got to take advantage of restaurant week. It was fun to catch up and hear about their life in Virginia, they have a sweet place that Kahlia has done a ob of making a home.

On Saturday, after a relaxing morning and a great breakfast of gluten/sugar free pancakes, we headed to the botanical garden and watched Arianna play in the fountains. Jasper

and I then headed out in search of a dog friendly beach for the afternoon. We found the Chesapeake Beach, and when I saw the no dogs sign, I turned back around, but a nice older gentleman said no one would care since he was so little. I carried Jasper in his Fury Fido sling since the sand was ridiculously hot, and he sat under the shade of the chair while I took dips in the ocean.

It was a hot day, so I found a brewery…which sadly no longer allows dogs inside (even though there is no food in the tasting room), but Comonwealth had pretty good beer, even if I sweated like a crazy person while drinking it ;). That night I went in search of food, I knew I was feeling a bit tired, and it seems others felt that way (Ghent was a cute little area, but really quiet). The Public House was pretty empty, and the drink was ok, and I ordered some sloppy joe poutine fries… but it was no good. Too salty and hard to eat. On a good note they were better aseftovers!

Sunday, I got to go to church with them in the morning at Freedom Life Church. It was a great place to worship and hear the message of Jesus. Definitely an encouraging space. Kahlia and I grabbed a lunch at Smashburger (and had salads :)), and I headed out after we got home. It was a great space to catch up with a friend as adults and peek into their sweet life together as a family. #lifegoals

Ate At: (1) Freemason Abbey Restaurant: $25 – Salad, Roasted Red Pepper Sirloin Beef Tips, and Bourbon Bread Pudding, $8 Verdeo wine; (2) Commonwealth Brewing Company: Wapatoolie IPA, dog friendly; (3) The Public House: $5.99 Pub Poutine Fries, $8 Margaripa; (4) Smashburger: $5.99 Baja Cobb Salad

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