Days 47 – Falmouth, MA

We got to the Cape, and after looking around for a place to park and take the ferry…we were not having much luck. I couldn’t check in to my AirBnb until 3 or 4, so I figured I would grab some lunch at Trevi Café and Wine Bar. It was starting to rain, so I left Jasper in the car with the windows cracked (assuming the patios would be closed). That wasn’t the best decision, since it started to East Coast pour down buckets (my car was soaked, but not TOO worse for the wear, and Jasper needed the bath). I got back to my car, shoes and body soaked, found some person put a towel over my sun roof (very sweet) and decided to head to my AirBnB (albeit a little early), as I was cold and the rains kept pouring on down.

It was a bit of a scary drive, lots of flood warnings, my car speaker got wet and was making horrific noises, and I couldn’t get ahold of the host via phone. I showed up, and she graciously let us in even though we were early and she was still cleaning. The house was comfy, and Jasper got along fine with the owners dog. Changing into warm, dry clothes was nice. And that night we stayed in, heated up our leftovers, drank our wine, and watched Me Before You (and yes, cried like a baby).

The next day, we got on the ferry and went out to Martha’s Vineyard! Parking wasn’t easy to find – lots are $20 and street parking is not allowed. I parked in the Staples/Starbucks parking lot, my car was fine. The ferry was $22, allows dogs, and took about 40 min – we left on the Island Queen and landed at Oak Bluffs Harbor. Right off the boat landing are a bunch of touristy bars and restaurants, as well as the yachts of those more well-off than me. We wandered around the little village and shops, found a dog-friendly restaurant (though, I say that loosely since they only have 1 dog friendly table). If you plan to visit the Offshore Ale Company, be prepared for a wait (ours was 45 min). So we put our name in and walked around a little longer.

Eventually, we were allowed to sit and eat. The staff were friendly, and the taster of beer was pretty good. I didn’t think so much of my steak sandwich though – it was really dry. I ended up chatting with the couple across from me, I found out they love to come to Martha’s Vineyard for a week at a time (sounded relaxing), but they leave their pups at home. They also told me to be sure to see the Cottage Museum, we parted with well wishes and I even got a hug :).

The cottages were as cute as promised, and I’m glad I didn’t miss them. Next time, I would be sure to come with a couple girlfriends and stay for a long weekend. While the island is full of Richie riches, it didn’t feel pretentious. Before boarding the Island Queen, I stopped for a margarita at the Sand Bar & Grill. But made sure to get to the ferry in plenty of time… as it’s first come, first serve!

Stayed At: AirBnb – $76 (dog friendly)

Ate At: (1) Trevi Café and Wine Bar – $9 small Macaroni Gratin, $9 Sauteed Kale, $30 bottle White Wine (dog friendly, covered patio); (2) Offshore Ale Company – $14.98 Steak sandwich, $10.50 Flight (East Chop Lighthouse, Offshore Blueberry, Helles Bock, Lazy Frog) , $6.50 Offshore Blueberry (slightly dog friendly)

Drank At: (1) Sand Bar & Grill – $7 Margarita (dog friendly)

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