Days 33-38 – Boston, MA

I finally made it to Boston!! While this was not the halfway point of my trip, it was the point where I would be taking a break from driving and would fly back to Portland for a wedding – so I needed to get there and save some time before to spend with my cousin, Melissa, and her fiancé, Matt.

Melissa lives near Boston Common, so was central to pretty much everything. Jasper had not been in a big city for awhile, so all the noise and people made him a little nervous at first, but he got over that and instead enjoyed his time with Bailey (Melissa’s dog).

I got into town on a Thursday, and it happened the Melissa’s dad was in town. After getting settled, we went out for a drink and pool at Carrie Nation Restaurant and Cocktail Club and some food at MJ O’Connors. Friday entailed me being lazy, grabbing a coffee and then some food at Whole Foods in preparation of the Beaver baseball game that night. We chilled at the Ava, had some brewskis and ribs, and played silly games.

Saturday we headed to Provincetown (or P-Town) with the dogs. We knew there was rain in the forecast, but it appeared to be over by noon. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, let me tell you, don’t have a dog in the rain in P-Town. Patios shut down (I’m looking at you, Pepe’s Wharf Restaurant – with NO other guests, you turned away 5 paying customers). It was not even a warm rain, so we got drenched leaving Jasper and Bailey in my car, cracking the windows and providing water.

Back in the rain, we struggled to find a place with space and ended up at the Governor Bradford Restaurant, a bit touristy, but accommodating and DRY (I’m from Oregon, I’m fine with rain, but when it’s flooding the streets up to your ankles, that’s a bit beyond my liking). We came out from an ok lunch to a slowly drying P-Town, but nothing close to sunny and warm. We got back to the cars maybe 30 min after the sun had broken, to find an irritating parking attendant complaining of the dogs and the car alarm (my bad, I forgot to double click my clicker to turn off the motion sensor! Poor pups). But neither dog was the worse for the wear, and happy to see us again.

Our day then took us to the beach, the bar (to watch the Beavers…lose) at JD’s Burger and Pizza and ALMOST ended without further incident, when after 3 hours of sitting at the bar, the bar manager decides to make a snarky comment about the dogs. I get it, as dog owners, we are the ones who are more than likely intruding, but if there is going to be a problem, please let us know right away, rather than when we are paying to leave. I thought I left the passive aggressive on the west coast…

To wash away our day, we made one final stop at the BEACH and went for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a great end to a wacky day, and one I won’t soon forget.

My next couple of days were a bit less eventful, some walking, more drinking, a hike along the Freedom Trail (Jasper made the WHOLE thing and back!), and I went solo to the Boston Library (beautiful and FREE). We enjoyed our time in Boston, particularly spending it with a loved family member or two.

Stayed At: AVA Apartments, free; parking $42/night – half price with resident discount

Ate At: (1) Carrie Nation Restaurant and Cocktail Club: $12 BBQ Pork flatbread, $12 Roasted Tomato and Fontina Flatbread, $13 – Old Fashioned ; (2) MJ O’Connors’s: $14 – Reuben; (3) Governor Bradford (no website): Roast Beef Dip, dog friendly, but not validated; (4) JD’s Burger and Pizza (no website): lots of drinks, margarita pizza, dog friendly – but staff not clear on rules; (5) Mother Anna’s: Spaghetti & meatballs, $7 each – 2 glasses white wine, dog friendly; (6) Cask and Flagon: $15.50 – Chicken Nachos (shared), lots of beer; (7) Jacob Wirth Restaurant: $10.95 – Buffalo Chicken Wrap (so-so), $7.50 BP Plunge IPA, dog friendly

Drinks Only: (1) Solas: Fool Proof Peanut Butter Rain Cloud; (2) MET Back Bay: $11 – Dartmouth Manhattan; (3) Eastern Standard: $13 – Rockhorse Park, $12 – Sherry Cobbler


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