Days 29-30 – Concord, NH

As sad as I was to leave Vermont, I knew it was time to move on. On our way east and south, Jasper and I stopped at a family favorite lake (at least the Hollywood version) – Lake Winnipesaukee. Sadly, none of the film was made there, but it was fun to see that lake nonetheless. It was a bit hard to find parking as there was some motorcycle meetup… yuck (because of the noise pollution). But we found a place that allowed Jasper, and had a lunch of fish tacos and beer, and then later some ice cream along the lake. Jasper held back from chasing the geese, and I sweated a lot in the humidity.

Continuing on our way, I arrived at our Comfort Inn (the first night I’d used points from my Chase Reserve card) in Concord. I had 2 nights in town, and since it was evening, I stayed in for the night. The town was small and quiet, and we found a decent dog park for Japser to pretend to run around in (he always warms up to it, but it just takes him so long and the other big dogs intimidate him). After the Hooksett Dog Park, we went to Memorial Park – as I wanted to lay in the sun and read. We did that, and that night I went out on the town. Ha.

I found a small dive bar/pub and had….a burger 🙂 haha it was burger week, so it was only $6. My kinda deal, and the burger was pretty good to boot. After a drink or so there, I wound my way to the Irish pub and watched almost all of the Oregon State Beaver baseball game…enough to know we were winning and then I headed home – only to miss the grand slam. Ugh!

The next day, we were finally on our way to the motherland! Er, well, at least my namesake city – Portland, ME. I had been looking forward to finally seeing this Portland. It would be my last night in NH, or so I thought!

Stayed At: Comfort Inn – $233.72 (or 15,581 points) + $25 for Jasper

Ate At: (1) Lakeside Deli & Grille: $12 Fish Tacos (the BEST!), $5 draft beer, dog friendly patio; (2) Common-Man Made Ice Cream – $4 for small 2 scoops (3) Tandy’s Top Shelf: $6 California Burger, $4.50 Moscow Mule, $4.50 Stoneface IPA, dog friendly patio

Drinks Only: (1) Barley House – Stoneface IPA (no charge), $10 Basil Hayden’s Whiskey

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