Days 24-28 Stowe, VT

I spent longer in Vermont than initially anticipated. A night in Burlington to kick it off, and a night in Norwich to finish it off (that’s what she said?). But my main ambition was to spend time relaxing in the quaint village of Stowe. I’m not sure that ‘village’ is the correct term – it seems they like to call their towns by lots of different names around here (township, village, town, city). My night in Burlington was meant to lessen the next days’ travel. And what a cute stop it was. A small college town on the lake, it reminded me a bit of Corvallis, being nearly the same size in population (around 47k).

I also discovered another similarity between Vermont and Oregon are the trees, beer, and liberalism. As it always is, breweries tend to be very dog friendly, so I found myself again on a patio in the sun at Prohibition Pig on my way to the Airbnb I reserved in Stowe.

What a great place! Nestled in the trees, set off from the road, quiet and I’m sure lovely in the winter. My host was gracious and the bed was comfortable. I happened to be sharing the house with another woman and her small dog. The 2 got along fairly well (her dog Nick and my Jasper), and after a stop at the grocery store, I was ready to stay in for the night (after a quick pop up to the Edson Hill Manor for a cocktail) with my wine, cheese, crackers, and sausage.

On Thursday, I went hiking up Stowe Pinnacle trail with Jasper. A nice 3 mile trip, mostly uphill over boulders – which Jasper handled much better than me. Afterwards, we unwound with a beer at Idletyme. Again that night, I stayed in, and chatted with the other house guest and the Airbnb owner. This relaxing thing was working!

Friday was a rainy one, so the house guest and I went for lunch at Von Trapp’s. The burger with the local beef was pretty amazing. After lunch, she went off to get cell service, and I found another brewery (Lost Nation). That night, one of the local bartender friend’s I’d made invited me to hang out, and we went to the hot tub that night. Such a pretty view of the valley on a chilly night.

Saturday was the day to leave and head south to Norwich. On the way, I stopped downtown Stowe and then at a few more breweries to fill out my Vermont Beer Passport (my absolute favorite was Bent Hill – out in the middle of nowhere down a dirt road, the place was lively with music, food, lawn games, and lots of puppies). For dinner, I met a friend from long ago at Sherwood Friends Church. It’s always fun to reconnect with people and see who they have become since growing up. The night was humid, but relaxing. I again had an Airbnb to stay in – and what a unique place it was! It was in the basement of an old firehouse turned curios museum (eek! so odd). The owners were friendly, but it was not my favorite place to stay (the bed was rock hard, and there was no air flow).

I tried my hand at visiting a local church that Sunday… and learned I was glad to be raised quaker/evangelical. The more liturgical methodist style with a guest speaker and all the stand-up-sit-down made me want to say “fight fight fight”.

I continued my travel east to New Hampshire – which my cousin told me I would find boring. I would be fine I told her, I don’t be bored that easily. 🙂

Stayed at: (1) La Quinta Inn and Suites South Burlington – $109.30, no charge for dogs; (2) Airbnb in Stowe – $226 for 3 nights, no charge for dogs; (3) Airbnb in Hartford – $108, no charge for dogs.

Ate at: (1) Vermont Pub and Brewery : Vermont Maple BBQ Burger – $11 (not as flavorful as one would expect), Handsome Mick’s Irish Stout mixed with Forbidden Fruit – $5, special cask beer – $6, dog friendly patio; (2) Prohibition Pig Brewery: Burrito Bowl w/ Carnitas – $9+5 (too expensive for such a small portion), Whetstone Station Rico Poivre – $6, dog friendly patio; (3) Idletyme Brewing: Idyetyme Cubano – $14 (the driest and oiliest sandwich, was much better as a leftover), Hefeweizen – $6, dog friendly patio; (4) Von Trapp Brewing: Johannesburger w/ sauerkraut mashed potatoes – $16 (best burger I’ve had yet, and the side was to die for), Dunkel/Vienna/Helles $7 – 3 4oz, not dog friendly; (5) Harpoon Brewery and Riverbend Taps: food…unknown, UFO Hefeweizen $6, dog friendly

Drinks Only: (1) Lost Nation Brewing: tasters: Gose, Saison Lamoille, KIS Kambucho – $2-3 each, the Wind Blue Gose – $6, not dog friendly, (2) The Alchemist: free tastes of all beers (Heady Topper, Focal Banger, Pappys Porter), dogs welcome inside tasting room!!, (3) Bent Hill Brewery: Blood Orange Gose – $4, dog friendly

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