Day 83 – Savannah, GA

Savannah was not on my list of places to stop, mostly because I had been there 3 years before. But I wanted to meet a cousin for lunch, and it worked better to stay a night rather than head to Atlanta. When I think of Savannah, I think of a walkable place with tons of parks and trees – also a place where carrying a drink to go is commonplace.

I got to town on a Friday, found a reasonable parking spot and met my cousin for lunch at the Public Kitchen. We chatted and got to know each other a bit. She’s a talented artist and I’m excited to see where her skills take her in life (you can find her work at We found another place for a cheap beer and that was dog friendly for another beer and more conversation. It was fun to get to know her. For the rest of our afternoon, Jasper and I found Moon River Brewing Company to relax for a bit and read. And finished the day off at the Treylor Park for these great pancake tacos.

Walking around reminded me so much of the time I was there before. I was in the area for training, and was able to partake in their Slow Ride bar tour, make new friends, and visit the Olde Pink Restaurant. It’s amazing how a place so small can pack in so many bars and restaurants, and yet feel like it has a strong sense of history and a culture all its own.

Stayed At: Motel 6 Savannah – South – $73.36 – pets free

Ate At: (1) Public Kitchen and Bar – $10 Hummus Pita, $6 Sweetwater 420 Beer, dog friendly; (2) Treylor Park – $14 Chicken & Pancake Tacos, $10 Illegally Blonde Cocktail, dog friendly; (3) Olde Pink House – $$$$, dinner; (4) B. Matthews Eatery – $$ brunch; (5) Goose Feathers – $$ brunch

Drank At: (1) Congress Street Social Club – dog friendly; (2) Moon River Brewing – dog friendly; (3) McDonough’s Pub ; (4) 17Hundred90 Inn ; (5) Abe’s on Lincoln

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