Day 76 – Charlotte, NC

Initially my plan was to stay in Charlotte for a couple nights, but after realizing it was only 25 minutes from my friend’s place in Rock Hill, I decided to save the hotel money and make day trips instead.

My first foray into Charlotte was with Jasper on a Friday evening, and we stopped at Sycamore Brewing. They were dog friendly and had a large patio. I got my typical taster, and was passing the time pleasantly enough when the rains came…and when that happens in the south – you clear out. All umbrellas were taken down, and everyone raced in to wait out the storm. I felt silly in a sun dress with the clouds (something about living in the NW my whole life), but it was warm out and once the rains passed, it didn’t feel silly any longer.

For dinner, I found a place called the French Quarter (which I confirmed their patio was open after the rain). The sandwich was good, and the beer was cheap, but the parking was a bit hard to find. It was a pleasant venture out.

My next trip to town was to visit the 7th Street Public Market after church. The market is similar to those popping up all over the country, and reminded me of Eataly (but on a much smaller scale). Lots of vendors selling food, drinks, and goods. I found a sweet ring for myself on my birthday from the vendor Bajari. We visited Tank’s Tap for drinks, Pure Pizza for our meal (small, but really tasty), Rico’s Acai for a blast of fruit, and Hazelnuts Creperie to finish it all off. The place was bustling, but not too crowded to find a place to sit with 3 kiddos in tow. It was a fun day to be sure. On our way back to the car, my friend took photos of us kiddos playing around. Made for some great memories on my 35th birthday! Charlotte was worth the stops, and I wished I had more time there!

Ate At/Drank At: (1) Sycamore Brewing – $9 4 4oz tastes (Southern Girl, Salty Coconut, Countryside IPA, Citropia IPA), dog friendly; (2) French Quarter – $10.95 London Broil Pita, $3.50 Purple Haze Beer, dog friendly; (3) Tank’s Tap – $5 Bold Rock Carolina Apple Cider; (4) Pure Pizza – $Unknown The Chorizo (SO GOOD); (5) Rico’s Acai – $12.50 Regular Rainbow Bowl ; (6) Hazelnuts Creperie – $6.75 The Lemon Drop

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