Day 72 – Asheville, NC

Before embarking on my journey, when asked where I was visiting, almost everyone asked or recommended that I visit Asheville. “It’s just like Portland” they said, “You’ll love it”. And since it was only 2 hours from my base in Rock Hill, I thought I’d make a day trip out of it (yes, I consider a 2 hour drive to be a day trip now). I packed a bag just in case I wanted to stay the night, but rationality of a free place to stay vs spending more money won out.

Based on recommendations from my friends, I headed first to Biscuit Head for some breakfast. The line was out the door, but not too long (it was a Monday!). The staff was efficient to come out and assign people tables, and luckily before I had to go inside to order, I had my table to tie Jasper to. Of course he wasn’t super happy about being left out there, and let all the other patrons know through his mournful cries. Ah the pains of single travel with a dog.

I ordered the special, as it sounded really good (and it was!), but in retrospect, I wish I’d just gotten a biscuit and a side so I could try more of their specialty jams and jellies. The place was bustling, and I enjoyed sitting and drinking my coffee in the shade before heading to find a parking place and wander around downtown Asheville.

Parking in Asheville was kind of a pain, but I would definitely recommend downloading their app (Passport Parking Mobile Pay), at least you can review and manage your parking. And like promised, Asheville had a feeling of home to it… a part of home I hadn’t realized I did NOT miss – the homeless camped out on sidewalks. If anything will make a person feel like they are in the NW, it’s that!

Besides that there were local breweries, street vendors, and a great little bookstore/coffee shop/bubbles bar that allowed dogs to be inside. It was a great place to stop, escape the heat, read, and have a cocktail. It was probably one of my favorite places, and I would love to see this type of thing in other locations! After a leisurely drink (or 2), Jasper and I booked it back to the car since our parking was expiring. Back to finding another parking spot near the Asheville Brewing Company to sample some of the local beer.

The Asheville Brewing Company has a great, large, covered outdoor patio. I sampled a few of the beers, bought some to take back to my hosts in Rock Hill, and again, I read a little more and chatted with my sweet waitress who was very excited about my road trip.

On the way home, I needed food, and was told the new Sierra Nevada Brewing Company had a great patio and restaurant. The day was hot, but I got a good wrap, beer, and enjoyed the patio with Jasper while watching people play lawn games.

My day out and about was fun, but I missed being around the kiddos back in Rock Hill. So I headed back and prepared for my next day of gym, play, nap, and eat. 🙂

Ate and Drank at: (1) Biscuit Head – $8 biscuit special, $2.25 coffee, dog friendly; (2) Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar – $8 Great Gatsby Cocktail, $8 Bubbles, dog friendly; (3) Asheville Pizza and Brewing Co – $8 flight (Shiva, LSD, Ninja, Fire Escape <– LOVED), dog friendly; (4) Sierra Nevada Taproom – $7.47 Garden Wrap, $5 Dry-Hopped Berliner Weisse/Saint Arnold, dog friendly

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