Day 60 – Fredericksburg, VA

I know, another Civil War battlefield!? Yes, but don’t worry eventually I will head west. I know this was a union loss, and I could see why – attacking a well defended city with a river between you? Not so wise, Burnside!

Fredericksburg was a quiet little downtown, and there weren’t many dog friend restaurant options so he got to stay back in the room (and apparently bark at loud noises – sorry!). Since I only had one night, when I got to my hotel I headed into town for food. I found what looked to be a cute wine bar. I think Cork and Table is probably a really great place, but sadly when I got there… it was empty. It’s always awkward sitting alone, but sitting alone in an empty restaurant?! Well, I was already in there and so I figured why not have a glass of wine. The art on the wall was cool, a depiction of the battle. My wine was good, and I eventually added a salmon spread. After reading for a bit, I closed out my tab and went in search of something more…popular.

I found a brewery a little more popular – sadly it was because it was trivia night (I HATE trivia night). But the beer taster was good, and eventually I was sucked into helping the pain next to me (plus, the categories were easier than I’m used to – one was Disney). I enjoyed talking with them (both in law enforcement), and amused by their concern for me, since the 2nd guy who sat next to me put them both a little on edge – as such, they convinced me to allow them to walk me out. I felt safe all along, but can’t turn down such a kindness.

On my way to Norfolk, I did my historical perusing. The Fredericksburg battlefield was not as easy to follow as others – the locations were far apart and the signage was not great. But I did make my way out to Chatham Manor, where the Union army was camped out during the siege. After a walk around the old gardens and house, I got on the road and made one last stop at the house where Stonewall Jackson died. It was in the middle of nowhere, and there were no other people around (or so I thought). Jasper was in his sling, but when I got to the door to the house, there was a National Park Service ranger there….who informed me dogs were not allowed. I know it’s rules, but still, the dog wasn’t touching the ground, there was no one there, and I just wanted to look for 5 seconds… but I acquiesced and moved on south to see my grade school friend Kahlia!!!

Stayed At: Quality Inn

Ate At: (1) Cork & Table – $7 Rose, $7 Salmon spread; (2) Spencer Devon Brewing – $10 BLT Crostinis, 4 x 6oz samples 3-4-5 Pilsner, Rhu-berry Sour (thumbs up!), Haka Session IPA, Solstics Tropical Stout

Visited: (1) Fredericksburg Battlefield – free, dog friendly; (2) Chatham Manor – free, dog friendly; (3) Stonewall Jackson Shrine – free

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