Day 6-9 – Rochester, MN

I finally made it to my first big stop, and one of the places that kept me going when I waivered on whether this trip was right or not. I was going to get to spend 4+ days with my dear friend Cheri! Cheri and I have known each other since our freshman year of college – back when we were young and impetuous… oh wait, maybe we still are, but we just go at an old persons pace in our impetuousness.

Our time together was much as it always is, easy and familiar. We fell into a nightly routine of RuPaul’s Drag Race and cocktails in bed. We also spent time with her family, celebrating her brother Jon’s birthday, hiking, attending a Twins game, and immersing ourselves in the culture of…drinking. Memorial Day in the Midwest is a little more respected than it is on the West Coast, many businesses and museums were closed. Such a change from taking advantage of those off work, and instead honoring those who worked so hard to give us freedom.

Friday, we went to Forage (anytime I hear that word, I think of Andre from The League) – and I had the best Cuban sandwich ever. I mean, seriously, I couldn’t stop eating it. The beer was local and tasty too, and of course the patio allowed pups. Cheri took me on the unofficial tour of downtown Rochester – we saw all the buildings… all the Mayo buildings that is.

Saturday we headed into the city for baseball! It was a perfect semi-overcast day, just right for these Goldilocks. The Twins put on a good show, even belting a couple into the bleachers (probably cuz I told Cheri, no, they won’t hit it out here – you’re welcome, Minnesota). It was my 4th different ballpark (5th if you count the Kingdome). And sadly, beers at the park were just as expensive as they were back home :(. On the way home, we hit a little Asian joint for dinner, and then back home for some more RuPaul (and abandoned ice cream dreams).

Sunday, we headed out to hike – 15k steps worth and most of those were stairs (I think 700 something one way). Jasper was a trooper, and hopped up them all. The view was pretty great, though this scaredy-cat couldn’t go up the extra 300 in the fire tower… nope, no sir, no way. On the way home, Cheri and I detoured to Wisconsin for beer….and cheese curds. Minnesota is so religious they don’t sell alcohol on Sundays….party poopers. Back at the homestead, we played bocce ball (I hate throwing balls….) and sung happy birthday to Jon. We were so pooped that night, we only got 2 episodes in of RuPaul!

Our last day together, Cheri and I ditched the dog and headed into the city…only to find most places closed for the holiday. But we were able to hit hotel bars and find good tacos to finish off the day. It was my perfect kinda day.

Sadly, our stay together came to an end, and even though I could have stayed longer, I knew I needed to keep moving. This isn’t a trip for collecting moss, so Sissy that Walk and Sashay Away!


Ate At: (1) Forager – Cuban Sandwich – $12; 2 Beers $5.50 each; (2) Little Asia Bowl – Pho Noodle Bowl $11; (3) Lago Tacos – Barbacoa and Chorizo & Potato Tacos $3.75/$3.50 each

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