Day 3-4 – Deadwood, SD

We were up and on the road by 8, though I would have preferred earlier – particularly since I knew the drive was going to be long. I was surprised, as it actually felt smoother than the previous 2 days, despite the long stretches of Wyoming with no buildings or places to stop. Thank the Lord I didn’t break down out there!

Instead of stopping every 3 hours for a break, we really only stopped for gas and just kept on driving and listening to the Aviator’s Wife. I appreciated the openness and seclusion of Wyoming – it’s where I would want to be in an apocalypse happened!

We rolled into the First Gold Hotel around 4pm – and once settled into our basic, paper-thin wall room, we headed the .6 miles to ‘dowtown’ Deadwood.

It’s pretty dang cute and quaint, lots of charm and white-heads floating around (taking advantage of the gambling). The weather was sunny, if a bit crisp (mid-60s?). Though, unfortunately for a girl with a dog, they don’t open their patios until later. I was starting to feel some of the impacts of traveling with a pooch – what’s a girl to do when the hotel says to not leave the dog unattended in the room?!

Luckily, Wild Bill spotted us and invited us in to Saloon No. 10 for the free show and the dog was welcome too! Not to worry, this was not some dark alley stranger, although he was the spitting image of the Wild Bill Hickock! Relieved to have a place to sit and eat, we went in to find other dogs and their parents. Jasper even got a puppy treat, and I got a coldy and a burger (which was decent, though the bun wasn’t quite up to the task).

The show was entertaining, interesting information about Wild Bill and his last days in Deadwood. Jasper added his two cents a couple times, but no one seemed to mind. Since there wasn’t much else in town, we stayed on and were going to settle in to read but instead made the acquaintance of 3 white-haired gentlemen – who amused, entertained, and supplied beer.

We slept in the next day before heading out to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Rushmore was pretty cool and definitely worth it, even if dogs aren’t allowed (they do have covered parking and the day wasn’t too hot), but Jasper was allowed in arms at Crazy Horse, so that was nice. I wasn’t all that impressed with Crazy Horse – I mean, I get that it’s really large, but seeing from such a distance and only the face being completed, makes it hard to grasp. But now I can say I’ve done it.

Back ‘home’ in Deadwood, we relaxed and then headed back to town – stopping for wine tasting and ice cream along the way, before going again to Saloon No. 10. Of course, everyone remembered Jasper (he is the cutest). And I had some great conversations with a couple different ladies who sat next to me. Staying 2 nights was nice, and in the morning we hit the road for Rochester!

Stayed At: First Gold Hotel – $44 per night + $27.50 pet fee for 2 nights

Ate At: Saloon No 10 – $9 entrée / $4 beers

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