Day 24 – Buffalo, NY

The drive from Cleveland to Buffalo was the most frustrating so far. It wasn’t that it was long, it was that every time I tried to stop I was foiled. I took the back roads and intended to stop…somewhere. But I missed the exit, there were no dog friendly patios, Waze kept trying to put me back on a toll road, the site was closed, . I was paralleling Lake Erie, but couldn’t see it except for a few glimpses. I just felt funky. So I sang. Every praise and worship song that came to mind, regardless of how much I remembered or didn’t. It ended up being a peaceful, restorative day and I arrived safely in Buffalo that evening around 5:30pm. I was staying at another one of those lovely Red Roof Inns (not my fav). But Jasper was free, and I don’t feel so bad if he has anxiety when I leave (#sorrynotsorry).

I found one of the places from my list, and headed out for a cocktail and pizza at Vera Pizzeria. Elmwood Village was a nicer, up and coming neighborhood. But it was not quite there – it had been a windy day and trash was littered all over. It did not leave the best impression.

It was a Monday night, and I had to confirm the restaurant was even open (there was no one but the staff there). The cocktails were fine, I think they were trying too hard (and I’m not a fan of a menu that uses cute names in lieu of putting the actual liquor name – e.g., SOME.MORE.WHAT: graham cracker, hickory, chocolate, toasted vanilla or RICK POTION #9: alpine herbs, coffee, carrot, coconut, citrus – Can you guess what the liquors are?). Also, I was delivered the wrong pizza (a tasty mistake), but wasn’t compensated for it – I ended up with a Truffled ricotta, spinach, lemon zest, sea salt pizza. All in all, the bartender was nice, they had fernet on tap, and I learned about a cool book called the 12 Bottle Bar.

After dinner, I decided to stay out a bit longer (it wasn’t late) and headed to the Thin Man Brewery. And ended up chatting with a couple of people. I learned all about beach tennis. My night was later than expected, but it was a lot of fun and worth the late night. Jasper was patiently waiting in the room for me, and we headed east to Burlington in the morning. So long for now New York!

Stayed At: Red Roof Inn Plus+ University @ Buffalo – Amherst – $66.30, no charge for dog

Ate At: (1) Vera Pizzeria – (menu and website is not up to date) Cremini – $13, Cocktails Some.More.What and Rick Potion #9 – $12 each, dogs allowed on patio; (2) Thin Man Brewery – Arrogant Bastard – $7.50

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