Day 2 – Jackson Hole, WY

After our long first day, I anticipated we would be stopping every 3 hours to get out, stretch and for me to wake up a bit. But our drive between Boise and Dubois, WY went fairly smoothly. Our morning started out early enough, we were up at 6:30, but as my engine sounded like their was a tiny flagpole with the chain flapping against the metal (and after calls to both Mini service departments, I was no closer to figuring it out). Well at least it only sounded that way in 1st gear. I was a little low on oil, so we detoured to an AutoZone to get a 5 gallon can and topped off. I guess I’ll have to pray we make it to civilization that includes a Mini or BMW service department!

We headed out anyway around 8am – and drove straight to Pocatello, ID! There we got a quick coffee (thank you Jackie) and had Discount Tire check/fill our tires. And of course – more gas! I feel like I am constantly getting gas! (hahahahaha)

The sun was out again as we drove, but the temperature wasn’t as hot so yay! I finished my book, Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (no, I have not read American Gods, but based on his story-telling, I’d probably like it). We finally crossed the border into Wyoming and came into sight of the Tetons. Which were sadly covered in clouds again (I was told this was because the snow was melting creating the extra moisture in the air). Up and over the pass we went, it felt like a hard climb!

Not far from Jackson Hole, we stopped briefly for a bathroom break – having learned from Pendleton to not count on public bathrooms. And a quick photo op. Finally, we pulled into Jackson Hole, and I found that I remembered it well from the 9 years ago since I’d been there. It was still a quaint, albeit a bit busier. The weather was sunny, but the sky was littered with clouds – causing it to feel a bit Denver-esque in the switch from hot to cold.

Jasper and I found a patio that allowed him, and settle in for a watermelon margarita and a bowl of mac and cheese (baked, but too creamy for my liking – give me all the crispy cheese!). It was relaxing and nice to sit and write.

We continued on the next hour and a half to our hotel in Dubois (pronounced like cowboys). Over another pass, that was snowing this time. The Super 8 was nothing special, but the desk clerk was kind – calling me ma’am every other word, the room clean and quiet. I elected to stay in for the evening and eat my leftovers and work.

We passed out tired, until Mr. Ansty Pants decided he needed water and I supposed to pee. So out I trudged in the 38 degree weather, frustrated to be up, until I looked up. I forgot how many stars their could be without lights. Thanks, Jasper, I forgive you now. 🙂

Stayed At: Super 8, Dubois, WY – $83.92 + $10 pet fee

Ate At: Café Genevieve – $10 margarita + $6 mac & cheese

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