Day 13 – Milwaukee, WI

When it was finally time to sell the farm….I mean leave it, I had a day before I could head to Chicago, so I made a decision to stop over in Milwaukee for the night. And I’m really glad I did! I don’t know much about Milwaukee – other than Hank Aaron played for the Braves/Brewers – and he was amazing…

I booked a La Quinta outside the city – but still within a 10 min drive. And set to searching out for a dog friendly patio. I’m learning that is a valuable tool – and also places that allow dogs, tend to be pretty hip. My search for food led me to Balzac Wine Bar (yes, I giggled and thought of Sex and the City) in the Lower East Side. The neighborhood was rather lively for a Thursday, with multiple outdoor patios. I stuck with my original selection, and was glad I did. I had the best cheese dish I’ve ever had – I mean how can you go wrong with Manchego Brulee?

I think I should have just stuck with that, but since I hadn’t had food since leaving the farm, I thought I’d go for a full meal.

I also ordered the Fried Brussel Sprouts (containing fried oranges – this piqued my curiosity) and the Sugar Charred Steak – neither lived up to their cheese dish. The fried sprouts – were pretty burnt and while the steak was good, it was a little overdone. Jasper enjoyed the leftovers for breakfast the next morning though. I washed it all down with a carafe of red sangria.

On my way back to the car, some people were standing outside a dive bar (Thurman’s 15) and invited me to hang out – dog welcome (are you seeing a trend?). I had a beer, Jasper got petted….and some weird lady who was petting him, apparently couldn’t separate her hand movements, so she petted me too.

Knowing I didn’t need to be in Chicago until later, I headed downtown for lunch at the Wicked Hop in the Third Ward – another really cool district with patios. My fish fry was…ok, the breading on the perch was pretzel, but the fish was a bit overdone, as were the potato pancakes (they only came with apple sauce – shouldn’t they have sour cream too?!) But the coleslaw, tartar sauce, and beer were good. My advice, order better.

On our way out of town, we stopped off at the International Mini dealership – not as friendly as my friends in Portland or Seattle, but they topped off the fluids for me none-the-less. Onward to the Windy City!

Stayed At: La Quinta Inn Milwaukee Glendale – $79.40 (dog friendly – no cost)

Ate At: (1) Balzac Wine Bar – $12 Sangria carafe, $10 brulee, $8 Brussel sprouts, $13 steak; (2) Wicked Hop – $4 Asylum Hopalicious Beer, $15 Lake Perch (both locations have dog friendly patios)

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