Day 1 – Boise, ID



We departed from Portland at 8am on May 21st. The sun was brilliant and it felt like a good day for a Sunday drive. I started off my drive by calling my mommy and daddy. After saying good-bye, I decided that blaring the Hillsong United radio on Amazon seemed most appropriate. It was hard not to see God’s hand in the beauty of the Columbia River gorge. I was soaking in as much of Oregon as possible, knowing that we are pretty spoiled with pretty sights out here.

Around 11:15, we stopped for a potted and food break in Pendleton. I only wanted a quick coffee and then be back on the road, but after walking down the quiet main street and finding no open coffee shop or public restrooms, I figured lunch at the Sisters Café (the only place that was open with a patio!) would have to do – plus a coke sounded pretty good in the hot sun.

The only bright thing about the Pendleton City Hall, is the sun.

I was pretty skeptical about this place, since it looked like it turned into a bar at night, not a great sign for quality food. But I was pleasantly surprised! I got their BLTA – the bacon was all caramelized and evenly covered the length of the sandwich. But the bread was really what made the sandwich. It was a berry-smelt bread, so good! The portion was large, so that I barely finished the sandwich and potato salad, and only a couple fries (that needed ketchup). After a stop for gas, we didn’t get back on the road until almost 12:40, oops! But who is on a schedule?

The second half of the drive was a little slower, and I tried to start a book, but it wasn’t quite keeping my attention (Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman) – so back it was to the music!

With the time change, we finally pulled into the Motel 6 at the Boise Airport at 4:45. We were both happy to be out of the car. While the clientele left something to be desired, the place was fairly quiet and the room clean and simple (actually, it reminded me of European hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, no frills, small shower stall). Jasper was pretty nervous, so I wasn’t going to leave him to find dinner.

Hotel Modern

I found one of the places I’d written down had a patio that allowed dogs, so went to the Modern Hotel and Bar downtown for a cocktail and a couple small plates. If I hadn’t been looking for it, I wouldn’t have found it (or known it was a restaurant). The hotel was modern (as promised in the name) and reminded me a bit of the Doug Fir or the Hotel Modera in Portland.

I got their closest drink to an old fashioned (rye, Campari, and dry vermouth). It was nice for a sunny day. For dinner I had mixed meat dumplings (lamb, beef, and pork) in a broth with crème fraise. I also got a spinach salad – which was hearty with potatoes, almonds, and grains topped with a poached egg. Exactly what I needed after a filling lunch earlier in the day. Plus, it was nice to feel like I was in a bit of Portland :).

Once back in my hotel room, I discovered I didn’t get Wi-Fi and well, I was pretty tired so we crashed out at 7:30 to get up again at 6:30 and start it all over again!

Stayed At: Motel 6, Boise Airport – $57.04

Ate At: (1) Sisters Café, Pendleton – $3 Soda, $9 Sandwich; (2) Modern Bar, Boise – $10 Old Pal, $9 Dumplings, $9 Salad

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