An Interlude

Oh wow, I finally made it to Rock Hill! I know that most people wouldn’t think much of this, I mean Winthop is cool and all, but other than that you probably have no idea where the town is (it’s about 20-30 min south of Charlotte, NC). But the location didn’t matter as much as the people. While I was preparing for the trip and doubting what I was doing, I remembered the friends I would get to spend quality time with on the way. One of those friends was my dear friend Amber and her family. I met Amber in high school when her mom paid me gas money to take her to school. So yeah, she’s still a baby in my mind (a baby with 3 babies….).

This stop was kind of my midway point, I mean it wasn’t truly, but it was a rest place where I had plans to stay for a couple weeks (thanks to their generosity!). And if anyone has asked me about whether I planned to move somewhere else from this trip, the Carolinas have always given me pause before saying no. I would love to be near my friend and her family, and they had the same ideas in mind as they entertained me and showed me around their town.

For 5 people and 2 dogs living in a small space for a couple weeks, I have to say I couldn’t have been more comfortable or felt more like family. I have loved getting to share in people’s daily routines on my journey. This was a perfect example of that. One of their kids has auto-immune problems, so the whole family is gluten and dairy free (and sugar free as well). Amber is a wizard at making meals that were filling and delicious (I want a pressure cooker!). I got to participate in going to the local YMCAs, take long walks near the river at the Catawba River, and watch Netflix while drinking (wine, whiskey, beer).

Including everything I did would take too long, and so many memories are too precious for the interwebs. I plan on breaking down Rock Hill, my day in Asheville, and the time in Charlotte over the next couple of blogs to break down these meandering thoughts from the actual parts of the travel :).

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