Hi! I’m Natalie, and now that you’ve found my blog, you’re one step away from joining me and Jasper, on our grand adventure (trust me, he’s going to be happier about it than he looks in this picture!)

I’ve always been a rule follower, and have played the corporate game since graduating college. I have been auditing and making others follow the rules for more than 10 years. Overall, it has been a great experience, and has taken me all over North America and Europe, but the taste started to become bitter. I thought that making a change and moving home to Portland I would feel more ‘settled, but I quickly realized this was not the solution, so I started to seek a way out (therapy, counseling, depression meds). In January 2017, a good friend pointed me to a speaker named Jamie Winship. After hearing him speak on receiving an identity from God and hearing God’s voice in our daily lives. I finally found peace, joy, and a direction!

The idea to leave my life here and drive the country started to form in my mind while driving from Portland to Seattle (I find it ironic that God speaks to me most when I’m driving…). I shared this newly budding idea with my friend Jackie and received overwhelming support and suggestions! As I slowly opened up and told more people, including my parents, I continued to receive nothing but support and for me, validation. Starting in May, I am stepping away from the corporate world and taking a huge leap of faith that I can survive driving thousands of miles with just my dog. I’m scared, but I also have a renewed sense of purpose and passion, and want to get out there meet people across the United States. And looking back, God has been preparing me all along for such a journey (based on movies I’m drawn to, news articles I read, and books I choose).

Along the way I will visit family and friends, stop at (hopefully) great places to eat and drink, shop at local 2nd hand stores, visit various churches, volunteer time, nerd out at historical sites, and generally see “the world” at the ground level.

With all that said, let’s motor on…