A Quick Guide to Me

If you’re reading this blog, you may want to know a bit more about me and what my likes/dislikes and perspectives are.

First, I am embarking on this whole journey in obedience to what I feel I am called to do by God. I don’t intend to preach, but that is the foundation for what I am about.

Also, I am a creative person. I have not acknowledged or exercised that muscle as much as I would have liked in my life (I mean, in 4th grade I would have told you I would be a writer or an artist). But I am also an accountant – I love numbers and problem solving. Sure, I know you’re thinking, creative accounting, didn’t that get a few people into trouble? Well, trust me, you need to have some sense of creativity to help your client think outside of their proverbial box. I dream in dystopian stories and as of this writing I stopped mid brushing my hair to come spew the words out of my head onto “paper”.

I LOVE food. And yes, I understand that is a bit of an obvious statement considering it is necessary to survive. I’m not even sure when or why the foodie in me came out. Was it Deloitte, when I ate out so much that I started to realize it mattered if my food wasn’t what I requested? Was it at Alaska Airlines when I worked with other self-proclaimed foodies and just wanted to “fit in”? I’m not really sure, I grew up a meat and potatoes kid, with few requirements to eat ‘exotic’ vegetables (aka asparagus, brussel sprouts) – green beans with bacon were what I got – thank you Dad (yes, I know how lucky I was)! I love the food explosion in America and the focus on new restaurants. I love gastronomy and what is called “New American”, but if asked, my favorite dish is French (duck confit). I think foie gras is the bees knees, and appreciate a well done beet salad (as overdone as that is). I love giving and receiving restaurant suggestions, because yelp is the devil, and well trip advisor is just opinions from a bunch of tourists. If I must use the “internets”, Eater.com is my go-to (I hear chowhound is also good).

I also come from the land of the classic cocktail revival (ever heard of a little place called Seattle?) and have met, been served, asked out, and conversed with the man himself. I’m talking of none-other than Murray Stenson. Unlike my foray into food, I know distinctly what started my love of cocktails. A home bartender made me a whiskey sour – not your standard dive bar version, but one with egg white and maple syrup (*note it was REAL maple, and not Aunt Jemima – as I disastrously learned later) – and I was hooked. If a simpleton could blend such flavors together, what could a professional do? I love a good speakeasy, and prefer to try their Old Fashioned before I move to their cocktail list. My preferred serving style is large ice cube, bourbon, orange bitters/twist and sugar.

My fashion sense is a little whack… well I’ve learned it’s just unique to me. I don’t care so much if others think things go together – my friend Jackie helped me with that. If I didn’t feel comfortable, she’d just tell me to change! But I love collecting some standout pieces, things that bring back good memories (like the dress from Philly or the yellow jeans from Cannes), holding on to clothes until they break (don’t fit), and mixing and matching them all together.

Lastly in this list is Jasper – my dog has changed a lot about what I want and how I think. My heart has grown larger to appreciate animals who are abused (seriously, who does this?!) and to grieve with those who lose their pet (I’m pretending this will never happen – Jesus rapture us home instead!). Seriously, my heart just skipped a beat thinking about losing my dog. Either way, I believe I should be allowed to take my well-behaved dog with me anywhere and that more restaurant patios should accommodate that. I got spoiled with Seattle and their dog friendly culture (that allowed dogs INSIDE). And would rather take my pooch in the store than risk him in the car.

Of course, I am an eclectic person and there are many other things I care and will write about (history/historical fiction/books, travel/site seeing, music, and of course family and friends). But if I am going to be giving my opinion on food, drink and where to go with your dog, I figure a little understanding of my bent would be helpful!

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  1. I’ve been loving all of your posts! Such an adventure! I told my husband I want to do something like this in the US. Been to so many countries but want to see more of our country! Your posts have given me inspiration for some cities to visit in the near future. Keep on writing and enjoying those adventures!

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